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A Credible Threat of Violence and Force?

Today we were alerted to a multi-State call out for a "Militia response" in North Idaho. We were approached by multiple people from multiple States, asking if we had any information on this "call-out" or the specifics surrounding the situation that led to the "call-out" in question.

At this point, we asked our volunteers to start an investigation. Our State board contacted the alleged victims and the alleged bad actors. Our Statement of the facts we gathered; will be available here.

Statement of facts Bonner County Property dispute
Download • 179KB

We feel compelled to include

a statement on the situation itself as it stands. Call-outs for a "militia response" can escalate very quickly. They should only announce when violence is perpetrated on the peaceful and lawful citizens. Everything, up until that point, should be done within the system to remedy the issue. Credible defense is one thing, but for credible defense, you need a credible threat.

Peoples Rights call to action
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Within three phone calls and one meeting, we found no credible threat of force. If the Peoples Rights organization is going to insist on placing themselves in these flash point's we have to respectfully request, they fully complete an investigation and only call for a "militia response" when there is a credible threat of violence and force. Ammon Bundy was contacted and asked if he knew what was going on with this call out. So that we could address our concerns, the response led us to believe it was better to speak to all the Area Assistants directly and publicly.

this is Ammons response:

"I only know about the Call to Action in that Area and have confidence in the Area Assistants. I don't know the details. It sounds like a federal issue, but I could be wrong."

This State is full of good men willing to get in their trucks, leave their families, and defend their neighbors. Please do not take advantage of their willingness.

We are no fans of property taxes. If People feel the need to protest peacefully. that is their Constitutionally protected conduct, but do us a favor and leave the "militia calls" out of it until there is a credible threat of violence.

State Leadership Team

How to keep informed

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Casey Whalen
Casey Whalen
03. Jan. 2022

New from Mark for clarification:


Below is the Synopsis of events described by Mark, in the saga of the Property Tax / Tax Deed Issue in Bonner County Idaho.

People's Rights was designed to unite people in defense of God given rights. The people would not unite and so we must deal with the infringements of our rights until we do. The people up in that Area need to follow the steps laid out to start holding the bad actors personably accountable. It is not the end solution but it works for now.

Synopsis of events and where we are at in the saga of the Property Tax / Tax Deed Issue Jurisdiction(s): there are 3 jurisdictions defined as: Land…

Gefällt mir

Casey Whalen
Casey Whalen
02. Jan. 2022

The email explicitly states that Mark asked for militia not peoples rights, it's written in english so all should be able to grasp that.

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