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About that 2A Resolution your local officials are ignoring...

Second amendment sanctuary resolutions are being introduced around the west. States, counties, and even local areas are working to reaffirm their stance on 2A rights.

Not all cities are on board, however. I've gone to a few meetings here in Idaho to observe city councils decline to take up the stance. They give similar excuses for not moving the resolutions forward and always offer the disclaimer, “I’m pro second amendment, but…”

I was reflecting on the situation on my drive home from a nearby county. I’d like to share a few facts with those of you who are concerned and disappointed with the outcome from these resolution pushes.

First, let’s look at their claim that “the Idaho Constitution already protects Idahoans’ 2A rights.” Yes, it is true our state constitution says no firearms will be taken unless they are used in the commission of a felony, but is that reality? What does that look like in practice? Is it upheld? No, it’s not.

Idaho actually has a law on the books that nullifies any federal gun laws. Again, we should look to real world application. If we do, we see again that it’s not followed. If you break the rule of the day, the feds will send a militarized SWAT team to kick in your door, flash bang your living room, and shoot your dog with ironically the same type of firearms they are there to collect. When this happens in Idaho do our state prosecutors jump into action on your behalf? Does your private attorney dare make the argument when you’re facing 10 years for making an oil filter suppressor? Nope. Then what do these laws mean? If existing state law doesn’t protect you, if the state constitution doesn’t protect you, and the U.S Constitution hasn’t protected you, what’s the answer? Is it a resolution at the county or the city level? I promise it won’t matter. What will matter?

Of course, we work to fortify our state laws and elect people who we know believe in an independent free state and inalienable rights, but at the end of the day it’s up to you, the citizen of Idaho.

We have a saying around here. We have to do three things to maintain an inalienable right, and if we do not do these three things, then rights are nothing more than words on a paper. We claim, use, and defend our rights or they don’t exist.

What does that look like to the average Idahoan? Well, to us, it looks like every other security or defensive precaution. It looks like an early detection network and process and the capability to respond. Pledged mutual aid or mutual defense policies are not a new idea; they are tried and proven response to outside threats of aggression. When a group of people get together in a small tight knit group of like-minded friends and family to share security concerns, you’re making the first step. When you decide as free people you will do whatever it takes to maintain your individual liberty, you’ve taken the second step. When you mutually pledge to prepare and train your small group twice a month and do it, you are moving in the direction of an effective security measure. This will serve you and your family much better than empty declarations from soft councils and committees or even state laws meant to protect state citizens from the depredation of rights we regularly see from the federalization of the Union. As we watch the administration use the people's republic of California as a proclaimed blue print for our future, let’s not ignore how states like California went down.

It will come as language changes first. Your standard capacity mag will be labeled high capacity and deemed not needed by peasants. The question is, will you play along, or will you and your neighbors respond at 3 AM to defend at the standoff down the street? Will you do nothing when your local combat vet is getting red flagged for a high-capacity mag that his angry girlfriend dropped the dime on him for? Will you give the media the benefit of the doubt when they tell you he’s dangerous, or better yet, a domestic terrorist? Make your choices now. Pledge and train. Know where you stand, and you’ll sleep a lot better when your resolution gets round filed.

Eric Parker

Founder & President @ The Real 3% Idaho

If you are curious about our early detection network you can follow us on Telegram on our public broadcast channel and you can email to join.

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