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Anne Frank Memorial Fundraiser

Idaho has been thrust into the spotlight with the despicable event that took place on Tuesday evening. We, The Real 3%ers of Idaho, are disgusted by the display of Swastikas that was plastered on the Anne Frank Memorial in Boise. We, as an organization denounce all forms of racial and religious supremacy. Eric Parker, acting as the president of the Real 3%ers Idaho, made a short video challenging our members to raise money. The money will be donated to the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights to go toward the upkeep of the Anne Frank Memorial.

The Anne Frank Memorial is a reminder and an important educational tool. The statue and display remind us what the worst of us are capable of, but also the perseverance in the best of us. Bill Wassmuth stood against bigotry and hatred in a country founded on love and support for one another, no matter the race, religion, or creed. We are inspired by his willingness to stand up against supremacy, and reminded daily of the struggle that we have endured as a species.

Eric Parker, along with leadership and the members of our organization, have pledged to raise $500 to be directly contributed to the Wassmuth Center for Human Rights. This will be gathered from our members and anyone that wishes to contribute to the cause. We challenge those who have been critical of our organization to contribute as well. We must also pledge to remain vigilant in our communities. This behavior is unacceptable. We, as an organization, support the First Amendment unequivocally, but will not support actions that seek to intimidate or terrorize our neighbors. As Idahoans, we should all make that commitment.

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Anne Frank Memorial Fundraiser
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1 Comment

I am a veteran that served our country for 12 years. Like you, I also reject any form of "supremacy". However, I would strongly urge everyone here to do some basic research before promoting this Ann Frank thing.

Do you honestly think the liars that operate our media, Hollywood, publishing industries, etc. are telling the complete truth with everything? These "Human Rights" centers are nothing but tools to spread a Communist agenda and attack patriots that love our Constitution and America.

History is told by the victors. Let that one sink in my friends and fellow veterans. It is a tough pill to swallow when you wake up to all the lies, but they are right there sitting in front…

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