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Denouncing Voter Intimidation in Idaho

The Real 3%ers of Idaho formally declare that we are against any form of voter intimidation.

While this should be a no-brainer, we felt it is important that we declare our position in a formal statement. As we are approaching election day, the media has been publishing an increasing number of stories regarding the worries across the nation of an intimidation effort. The media pieces, while mainly biased against the Right, are causing our citizens to question their safety and security while they are exercising their Right of electing their next representatives for our national and local Branches of Government. This cause for concern is something no free nation should ever have to deal with but we live in times where neither side trusts the intentions of the opposition.

Therefore, we cite 18 U.S. Code § 594 and Idaho Statute 18-2305. We will not endorse, celebrate, condone, or support in any way any form of voter intimidation by any political side.

Our Organization has remained steadfast in supporting the Constitutional Rights of all citizens no matter what their political affiliation. Everyone has the right to cast their vote with zero threats of violence or harassment.

We encourage the public to remain vigilant for such events at polling places. If any form of intimidation exists we ask that you document it and report it to the local authorities. We understand that the media bias machine has worked overtime to paint the presence of any 3% logo with a broad extremist brush and for that reason our members will watch from a distance and we will remain unseen to the public. We will interface with law enforcement authorities if we find instances of voter intimidation but we will not engage with the agitators in any way.

We will not stand for harassment. We will not stand for violence at the polls. We will not stand for the suppression of voters.

Denouncing Voter Intimidation in Idaho
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