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Updated: Mar 27, 2022

There are a lot of people coming into line with the idea that they should probably be a little more prepared than they are. Maybe even a lot more prepared than they are.

Around the state, our zone leads are being approached, by concerned Idahoans with the same question.


People have anxiety about the future. They are looking at the state of the world, considering possible outcomes, and it's not pretty. We assume that if we are being approached by so many with the question, it's likely that there are many more who feel similar but may not feel comfortable saying it loud yet. Let us be the first to tell you. You're right and you're not alone.

The anxiety of the unknown only goes away when you start to prepare when you become physically prepared. So how do you start? Your financial situation will dictate what you can afford and how fast, starting now, get what you can as fast as you can. What we want to share with you is more of a philosophy that we think will benefit you the most.

We have a saying here at the RealID3P. No matter the emergency, instantaneous or prolonged, your chances of survival go up if you are not alone. That being the case, We encourage people to develop what we call a small team.

Here is a video from our zone lead in North Idaho talking about small teams.


• 4 - 8 people who live as close to each other as possible.

• Meet twice a month to plan and prep

• Set goals for your team 30 60 90 day goals

• Develop SOPs for coms and rally points

• Develop a fallback plan and position

• Meet twice a month to train

• Create standards for the team

• Individually seek out training to bring back to the team

• Develop and run preparedness drills with your team

• Develop and run emergency response drills with your team

• Network with and help develop more Small teams in your area

How to keep informed

YouTube Channel


Telegram channel


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