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Is it anti-veteran to make light of the Taliban?

The group called “Idaho Conservatives,” founded by Gregory Graf and now led by Jennifer Ellis, appears to venture into the area of anti-veteran remarks. This isn’t the first time that group has gaslighted a group of people; any cursory perusal of their social media accounts offers ample evidence of these tactics. It seems it is only getting worse; now it appears they’re intending to coerce an entire civilian population into believing our legislature is comparable to the Taliban.

Last week Governor Little gave a speech talking about the legislature and his unhappiness with the fact that many lawmakers are attempting to tighten the control of the executive branch, because of overreach in the COVID-19 response. Idaho Conservatives put out a Facebook and Twitter post saying, “Thank you, Governor Little, for finally standing up to Idaho’s Taliban."

For clarification and proper definition, the Taliban is a terrorist organization that refers to itself as the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, founded in Pakistan and headquartered in Afghanistan. They have beheaded American service members captured in war, Afghan citizens including women and children, and anyone else who doesn't adhere to their version of “Islamic Law," engaging in activities like singing and dancing, or women leaving the house without a male escort.

- Is it possible that to Idaho Conservatives, the mere notion that legislators want to adhere to their Oath to the people of Idaho, and the fact that Idahoans support them doing so, somehow constitutes them being part of "Idaho's Taliban?"

- Is it possible that these remarks are both disrespectful and dishonoring to those very Idahoans who have stepped up to support the defense of our freedoms, serving our country, and standing up to the very terrorists that Idaho Conservatives now accuse them of being?

- Is it possible that the real reason for these remarks is simply because Idaho Conservatives had a disagreement over policy, and were somehow willing to color veterans with the same brush as the enemy they fought?

Honest, open, and two-way discourse is the hallmark conservative way to handle disagreement. These current actions and remarks seem diametrically opposed to that, and in fact beg the question: Is the group Idaho Conservatives really conservative at all?

Nicolas Gatejen

The Real 3%ers Idaho

Due Process Analyst

US Army Veteran

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