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Is Rep. Chaney trying to pick a fight?

In our current political environment, it is imperative that we remain cool, calm, and collected. With emotional responses we leave ourselves open to bad decisions.

It seems there are those who feel the need to provoke a reaction and consolidate power. Rep. Greg Chaney, in a very unconstitutional move, has introduced legislation in HR 64 that would limit the free speech of every Idahoan. It is our belief that everyone has the right to free speech and free association no matter what side of the political spectrum you fall.

Under this new House Rule 64, the Chairman and/or the Speaker of the House, can have anyone removed for wearing “Political Attire” while present in any part of the Legislative wing. Anything from “MAGA” Attire to Reverend Martin Luther King quotes, can have you removed, even if you are meeting with YOUR District Rep. Furthermore, at any time the Chairman/Speaker of the House can have you searched for anything that can be used as a weapon. This goes against our 4th amendment rights as citizens of the United States. Rep. Chaney and those that support this bill are blatant in trying to eliminate our constitutional rights. Our Capitol has always been known as “The People’s House” and we have always been free to exercise our Constitutionally protected rights there. It is already known that making any kind of disruption while the representatives are in session or when committees are meeting is considered distasteful and ultimately leads to being trespassed. Why now does Rep. Chaney feel the need to consolidate this power to himself and his “Posse”? We ask every Idahoan to contact their District Representative and tell them to vote “No” on HR 64.

For help reaching out to your legislator, Please visit:

For Rep. Chaney’s contact info:

Rep. Greg Chaney

District 10

House Seat B

4th term

PO Box 489, Caldwell, ID, 83606

Home (208) 332-1055

YouTube Channel


Telegram channel


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