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Labor Day: Americans Celebrate Communist Radicals

Labor unions in America were organized as early as the Revolutionary War period to challenge wages and work hours. However, once the dispute was settled, the organization usually disbanded. It wasn’t until the Civil War era that labor unions started becoming a staple of America’s culture.

There is a discrepancy as to who truly proposed the idea of a Labor Day celebration to recognize the workers of America. Arguments maintain it was either Peter McGuire, of the Brotherhood of Carpenters and Joiners, or Matthew Maguire, a member of the International Association of Machinists. Regardless, both belonged to the Socialist Labor Party, a fact Democrats omit while embracing blue-collar workers and labor unions. They also conveniently exclude the racist foundation of unions, which plagued the organizations until the 1960s.

During a labor strike led by Samuel Gompers of the Federation Of Organized Trades and Labor Unions, laborers walked out on May 1, 1886, demanding an 8-hour workday. In response, Chicago’s McCormick Reaper Company hired nonunion laborers to break the line. Two days later, workers attacked police, killing one person. Seizing the opportunity, anarchists immediately blamed the police and organized a workers' demonstration the next day at Haymarket Square. During the event, as police attempted to break up the protest, a bomb was thrown at the officers, killing seven of them and four attendees, creating a riot.

Failing to identify the actual bomber, eight German immigrant anarchists were arrested and convicted of accessory to murder. Five received the death penalty, yet one committed suicide before the hanging. The other three felons remained in jail until Illinois’ Democrat Governor, John Peter Altgeld, pardoned them in 1893, marrying the Democratic Party with violent anarchists. Democratic President Grover Cleveland needed to convince voters his party was the workers' friend without interfering in another ongoing AFL strike. Therefore, he designated a national Labor Day. Avoiding the May 1 date to distance the holiday from the anarchists, he instead selected the first Monday in September. However, Cleveland's attempt to save the party’s reputation failed as Republicans used Altgeld's actions to defeat William Jennings Bryan in 1896, electing William McKinley president.

Two years after the Haymarket Riot, Gompers' organization regrouped, renaming itself the American Federation of Labor, or AFL. He planned another strike for May 1, 1890, to again demand the eight-hour workday. At the same time, a group comprised of socialists, communists, and Social Democrats from across Europe, as well as America's Peter McGuire, organized under the name the Second International. Heeding Karl Marx's call for "Workers of the World, unite!", they scheduled protests in several major countries as a show of support for the American unions, as they considered the slain Haymarket anarchists as martyrs. Frederick Engles, the co-author of the Communist Manifesto and member of the Second International, memorialized this first May Day celebration by proclaiming, "As I write these lines, the proletariat [workers] of Europe and America is holding a review of its forces; it is organized for the first time as one army.

communism and socialism are not the only repugnant foundations of unions. In the 1880s, as unions increased while the Reconstruction Era ended, black and white workers were usually considered equal. But as Democrats regained power, especially in the South, Jim Crow laws infected all points of society, including unions. In essence, union leaders and many of their members used their organizations to keep blacks and other minorities out of the workforce. NAACP co-founder W.E.B.

DuBois spoke out against the racism in unions in 1902, after discovering over 40 national unions without a single black member; while almost 30 forbade black apprentices.

Today, for most Americans, Labor day is just a 3 day weekend. Marking the end of summer, but to us, it represents the long game of the Communists to manipulate the masses. A famous Communist once said, "the masses are asses". On this Labor day let us not, as Hamilton alluded to, be asses this weekend. Instead let us heed the words of Mike Vanderbough. "When democracy becomes tyranny the armed citizenry still gets a vote."

What a great line. Mike was the founder of the modern 3% movement he told us plainly that he did this to make up for his work as a communist organizer when he was young. He formed, organized, and trained Communist militias. He knew what they were capable of and what they were ultimately prepared to do. He told us about the "three doors of Communism" door one being the loving hand of the united workers. He told us that the only difference between a Socialist and a Communist is that the socialist had not found the guts to use his AK 47. While the communist through the third door was just waiting for the opportunity. Knowing these things, we are asking our fellow Idahoans to turn off the football game and dedicate some of your weekends to training. After all, someone, somewhere is training to kill you for the simple fact that you do not accept Communism or Fascism because you are Jefferson’s insurance policy. They know that our Constitution must fall for their control to be unlimited and they know that you are the bastard son of Payne's Republic. The year is 2022 and on the Thursday before labor day weekend the President gave a speech labeling anyone who supports his opposition a "domestic extremist" and a "national threat" the Blue Klux Klan is all over social media praising it and saying he needs to go further. So what do you do? Well it's easy call a buddy or two, start a small team, train your asses off, and pledge mutual aid to your countrymen.

Here are a few resources to help you get started:

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More people need to expose this "holiday" for what it is...and the other communist ones.

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