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Let us Speak! An open letter to the House Veterans Affairs Committee.

We are watching the renewed push to vilify veteran involvement in the three percent. We will not stand by while a false narrative is pushed on the general public. We will not stay silent while we are intentionally linked to supremacy of any kind. We will not be slandered in any way without challenge to the record.

We denounce all forms of religious or racial supremacy.

This is a copy of our open letter to the House Veterans Affairs Committee regarding their “investigation” into the targeted recruitment of veterans by extremist groups.

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Chairman Takano and Committee members

Your Committee put out a press release regarding your investigation of “veterans being targeted by extremist groups” on March 4th, 2021. Some alarming language was used in the press release, it also seems you are targeting veterans for their political beliefs. Is this a good use of your resources when you could be focusing on Veteran's care at VA facilities? We’ll circle back on that.

In this press release you used label lynching terms calling all proud boys, oath keepers, and three percenters “hate groups” and “anti-government extremists”. This is a typical tactic, lumping groups together without any due process. It seems this committee is trying to set the tone of guilty until proven innocent. This should be very concerning to all Americans no matter their political ideology.

What is not mentioned at all are groups like Antifa, BLM, Socialist Rifle Association, or any other group that has come out causing extreme violence or openly building networks to actively fight against the government. For example in Washington state the establishment of a designated zone declaring it not part of the United States, and actively defending its perimeter with rifles, or the riots that took place in the summer of 2020 resulting in billions of dollars in damages and several people targeted and murdered.

It seems this committee, through its press release and investigation, is intending to coerce a civilian population. Attempting to influence the policy of the government by intimidation and disinformation.

I also ask myself why is this even being entertained in the committee? More than 18 veterans A DAY are committing suicide and a mental health epidemic at the Department of Veterans Affairs is rising. Shouldn’t that be the chairman’s primary concern?

Veterans are being mistreated and ignored at the Department of Veterans affairs nationwide and veterans organizations are advocating for help but mainly being ignored. Some examples of this are in 2020 Representative Perry introduced a Bill called “treat PTSD act”, a bill targeted at expanding PTSD treatment. It never passed through the committee and stayed there, no vote. Or the house committee that met on February 24 2010 talking about the alarming increase in veteran suicides and how prescribed medications from the VA are a factor, still a serious problem to this day. Does this sound like Veterans Care? Does this sound like our veterans are getting the treatment they need?

It seems this is a targeted attack on veterans and it’s obvious they are seen as a threat because of the training they received.

This could explain the poor care they receive at Veteran Affairs medical facilities, which should be looked into more instead of spending time on a politically biased investigation. I’m asking that you bring in testimony from the accused, a fundamental principle in our system of government and society. I would gladly speak to the differences in these groups and answer any questions the Committee may have about the three percent. I believe to have a thorough investigation it would be necessary to have representation of the accused.

Thank you.

Eric Parker

Founder & President The Real 3%ers Idaho

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Label Lynching Statement
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