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No thank you to partisan politics

Our Organization has been looking into the nation wide capitol protests that are being planned on the 17th. Our Intel team cannot conclude who is initiating these rallies or what the goal for these rallies are. We are suggesting to our members that they do NOT participate in this rally as it was not initiated by Idahoans. As usual we will not give orders of any type but we are asked what we think enough to make us publicly put out statements like this one. So we will tell you what we are doing and why. We will NOT be attending a rally at the capital on the 17th. We believe an armed march or rally on the Capitol here in Idaho would be counterproductive to the restoration of checks and balances being fought for in the Capitol as we speak. We monitored Committee meetings and spoke with Representatives from both the House and the Senate today. There is much to be hopeful for. The Bill being introduced to end the Executive Emergency seems to be exactly what we Idahoans have been asking for. Of course we still need to see the language and there are many more battles to come but we have never seen such appetite for limiting executive controls. It seems to us our State legislature is about to flex it's authority.

If mob mentality takes hold due to emotions over our national situation, provoked by some unknown entity, we could end up losing this chance along with more of our liberties. There are those at the Capitol who are looking for any reason to shut the session down. So, as usual, Idaho's situation is different. We still have something loose.

We ask that you join us in calling for calm heads at the Capitol in the coming weeks. We believe that your Representatives have heard you and now we need to let them work. The moment we feel they are wavering on this we will report it to you and, we are sure, good Idahoans will organize their own peaceful rallies.

We see this rally no different then we see out of state national organizations telling us what we should do. Our Organization doesn't answer to a national group because we don't believe Idahoans should be led by foreign influence. On the 17th find something else to do. We suggest working on food supplies or situational awareness games with the family.

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