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Oh Canada

Updated: Apr 22, 2021

As we watch our neighbors to the north descend into a full-on authoritarian nightmare, we should note that there are States in these United States that are right in line with Trudeau and as a whole we are well on our way to following suite. Trudeau himself has told Canadians in a video what he is going to do, and we’ve seen videos of the enforcement escalation when and if they make it through onto social media platforms. We encourage downloading these videos when you see them because the monopoly holders in mainstream social media are removing them fast. Then share them on other platforms.

Last week a video of Canadian officials laying out their “final warning” to business owners, and apparently defiant citizens in general, was circulated on social media. This proclamation seemed to intend to coerce, by threat of violence, the population into compliance with a political ideology. This being the exact definition of terrorism causes us at the RealID3P to step back and start to examine and discuss the situation our neighbors find themselves in.

First, we have to consider our own situation. How probable is that we could see a similar proclamation from our federal government, or is the second amendment alone enough of a deterrent? We have seen similar assertions from State Executive Branches either through Emergency declarations from Governors or State Agencies. They have shut down private businesses, implemented lock downs, and removed business licenses of those that did not comply. They have shut down our Due Process right to a fair jury trial in some States. “Vaccine passports” are being begged for by corporations and every covidiot with a Twitter. It seems bleak for natural rights no matter where you look. At best we can try to find somewhere to live where the great reset hasn’t taken complete hold but that seems like a temporary fix anyway. The stranglehold on individual liberty by the state will continue to expand either quickly or slowly. Organized mutual defense to us seems the only reasonable response to threats from outside aggression but back to the Canadians specifically.

As of yesterday, a large group broke the lock down orders to travel to Niagara and send S.O.S messages across the falls with flashlights. Also on full display was the international sign of distress, an upside-down flag. This request for aid at a rivers edge in the dead of night through signal light is not lost on us. It is reminiscent of

our past. The midnight ride, one if by land, two if by sea. We understand the reality of it all. These people have been disarmed for the most part and their government has a complete monopoly on force. Weather the border plea for help was just theatrics or not doesn’t matter to us because we know if it was, sooner than later it won’t be.

If your neighbor was requesting aid and defense, under any given circumstance, we would encourage a response. We see no difference here and as usual our answer is prepare to defend yourselves if you perceive a threat because in the end no matter what country you’re in the same thing is true. That being that natural rights don’t exist unless we all do three things. Claim them, use them, and defend them. With that in mind we have decided to provide aid to Canadians that may be seeking it out. Our heritage as The Real 3%ers Idaho is one of open defiance to tyranny and that must be no different today. If you were at the above-mentioned event requesting aid, or are a Canadian looking to acquire an understanding of community defense then email us or cross the border and ask for the Real 3%ers Percenters Idaho.

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