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Our Friend Boise Ben Franklin

Boise Ben Franklin has always been a cherished addition to rallies and celebrations at the Idaho Statehouse.

He would wear the old Ben Franklin outfit to talk to people about the foundation of our country and take photos with people.

Terry established and organized the Patriots Day celebration every year on April 19th to honor the anniversary of Concord and Lexington when minutemen held off British soldiers while the people secured and moved their armory. The British soldiers were ultimately driven back into Boston and began the war that would lead to the birth of our nation. Terry believed it was vital to remember and honor the everyday men who stepped out on that bridge in the early morning hours and said, "Don't fire unless fired upon, but if they mean to have a war, let it start right here."

Terry started getting sick a few years ago. He was in a care facility and unable to go home. The main hold-up was cleaning up the property and house. We heard about the situation, and some of our members organized a day to volunteer and work to clean up. They got it all squared away for Terry. He was able to get home where he wanted to be. Last week in a Facebook video, he asked to see us. We stopped in on Saturday. We looked at photos, and we talked about our favorite subject. A Republic, if you can keep it.

We want to thank Terry for his years of dedication to sharing our founding principles with people at the Capitol. We should all remember his constant message. Liberty was only a concept until everyday farmers decided they had enough.

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