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Ties to the Past

Ask anyone on the political Right or Left and they will tell you: The Three Percenters received their name based on a, now disputed, historical claim that only three percent of the American colonists actually took up arms against the British Crown. Personally, we believe the percentage to be lower but More Like One Point Twenty Six Percenters does not quite roll off the tongue.

During that period of time there was another group that left its mark in history: The Sons of Liberty. Led by Samuel Adams in Boston, the group quickly gathered support in all thirteen colonies over time. And December 16, 1773 would be the date they would solidify their mark and kick off the American Revolution by orchestrating the Boston Tea Party. Debatably, without the Sons of Liberty we would not have a country today.

Yet, quite ironically, history today seems to be an ever-changing subject. And depending on which website one might encounter on their research, the Sons of Liberty might be described as “instigators and provocateurs in colonial America who used an extreme form of civil disobedience—threats, and in some cases actual violence—to intimidate loyalists and outrage the British government”. While accurate, that is only the second half of the actions of this group. In its inception, it was nothing more than nine shopkeepers and artisans fed up with the Stamp Act and determined to do something about it. They met in secret, determined their direction and actions as well as their methods. They, as a group, decided to shield Samuel Adams from a lot of the potential violence since Adams was quite prominent in the public eye. They recruited, not the rich and influential of each town but rather workers and tradesmen that knew all too well the infringements of the Crown and were determined to do something about it. And they first attempted to this by honing the skills of their followers in street politics.

And while secrecy served them well, they still fell victims to the opportunists. Akin to buying a 3% patch off Amazon and calling yourself a “patriot”, a South Carolina group of sailors attempted to call themselves Sons of Liberty and use the fame of the group to gather financial power. That action determined that another prudent course for the group would be to police their own and further differentiate themselves by adding “True Sons” or “True-born Sons” to their already famous name.

When political means were exhausted, the True Sons of Liberty also escalated their methods but never to the level of taking up arms until the very end. Initially, their escalation from politics was in the form of intimidation tactics against tax collectors, tarring and feathering them to humiliate them. While that sounds horrible, we know from records that the tar was not hot to burn the skin, only stick to it, and that the feathers were “scratchy and uncomfortable”. So while the British would post propaganda pieces claiming that the Sons were ruthless terrorists, in reality their methods would result to emotional trauma rather than any physical harm or loss of life.

The True Sons of Liberty were there to answer the growing call of the colonies. They served a purpose during different times when strength of character was paramount and one’s word was their contract. They were unafraid of the consequences and had the resolve to see this to the end (while being smart to take all necessary precautions). Had they existed today, a District Judge would probably rule against them because the word “Sons” is now sexist and non-inclusive. This country has strayed far from its origins.

Modern imagery of the True Sons of Liberty prominently displays the musket. And while they did amass weapons and ammunition, like modern day Three Percenters, they did not resort to raising their guns against another human until 1776 when the group officially disbanded and its members joined the Continental Army.

Understanding our roots and having reverence for our history is paramount in The Real Three Percent Idaho. We, as the better men who came before us, vowed to never forget where we came from and vow to remain involved in our civic institutions. We will mourn for the loss of Constitutional ideals among a certain percentage of Americans yet seek to give purpose to those that admit it as the perfect way to govern.

And yes, we train. Because even the True Sons of Liberty had to ultimately give up secrecy for a fight. Had to shut down the presses in favor of storing powder. Had to end the symbolic act in favor of actual warfare to protect their beloved country.

May the Lord save us all if the establishment continues its subjugation of the American people. For, while we are soft as a country, there are enough of us left that will stand on the shoulders of giants and protect with our lives, our fortunes and our sacred honor the most precious gift our Founding Fathers granted us: the United States Constitution.

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