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What is "Patriot Front"? Innocent Protesters? Patriots? Or undercover accelerationist Nazis?

On Saturday, June 11th, A small rental truck was stopped in Coeur d'Alene Idaho. The stop was based on a tip received by the Kootenai County Sheriff's Office, per their press release. The truck was filled with members from the group known as "Patriot Front". Based on the member's attire, the equipment that they were carrying, and the documents seized from the vehicle they were all charged with "Conspiracy to riot".

Altogether, 31 members of the organization were arrested on misdemeanor conspiracy charges, including their front-man and leader Thomas Rousseau. The Patriot Front members came from 12 different states, including two from here in Idaho. As of today, all 31 members are free on bond.

There are lots of rumors spreading. Also, a lot of agendas and narratives are at play with what Patriot Front was doing, why they came, and who they are. Our organization tracks threats to the security of a free state. Due to this, we decided to dig a bit deeper in an attempt to better understand exactly what happened in CdA and who these men that came to our State are.

Patriot Front formed after the "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville. They seemed to be well funded though we did not dig into their finances. They utilize traditional Patriotic imagery in what we are now sure is an intentional move to blur the line between people with traditional constitutional values and people working to establish an ethnostate. We don't say that to be fantastical or to exaggerate in some way. It's very easy to dismiss claims of white supremacy these days. Mostly because of the hyperbole used to label-lynch conservatives as of late. However, a broken clock is right twice a day and we already had this group on our radar, with their co-opted imagery, their shields, and their marching in white masks. We decided to take a look around to see if there was any evidence of out-and-out racism or supremacy. Sure enough, we found leaked audio of what seems to be a conference call between different members and leadership some of which were the very same individuals who traveled to our State. We suggest you listen to this whole clip. In the video, they openly discuss their approach to the public and the messaging language they use. It is intentionally disingenuous for a reason. Thomas Rousseau explains it all. He is calculated and by their own admission they want an ethnostate.

We will take a moment to clearly and publicly define where we stand.

To establish an ethnostate or a theocracy first the old system must be dismantled which means the destruction of our Constitutional Republic. Our organization identifies and investigates anyone that wants to destroy or usurp our form of government, especially accelerationists.

Now did they come to our state to break the law? We believe that's for a jury to decide but what we don't want to do is to dismiss the whole situation as strictly an FBI op. What's obvious from the video is that these people are looking to escalate the political and cultural tensions in our country. Our organization denounces both racial and religious supremacy of any kind and we are a pro-responsible government. We oppose any group traveling to our state to create chaos and civil unrest ... Right or left.


One who loves supports and defends one's country.


A respectable person, group, or business is used as a cover for secret or illegal activities.

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How do you know this group really isn’t Leftists who have planned fake backgrounds that make them appear to be far right? The key is blurring the lines between right and real right extremists. I can’t prove it but my instincts say they are a creation of the left.

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