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Time to change it up

Over the weekend, Zone 7 had a great afternoon building J-pole antennas for HAM radios. This is one of the many aspects and types of educational training our organization engages in. Our members get together to learn, teach and then implement. Communication in an emergency situation is crucial, so one thing we encourage and help develop is a redundant communications system as part of a larger preparedness picture.

In the past, we would take photos and post them on our various social media platforms. Our goal has always been to encourage others to start thinking about what an emergency really looks like, and maybe even start actively working towards being better prepared for one. January 6th, however, changed how we are able to do that.

During the events at the Capitol and in the days following, our state intelligence team monitored multiple information sources in real time, ranging from chatter in leftist groups to public statements from the FBI and other federal officials. The left scoured social media profiles on all the platforms to match photos and videos from the 6th to photos and videos on social media profiles. After they "identified" someone, they would proceed to dox them and brag about turning them over to the FBI. Numerous times we saw people erroneously "identified." This begs the question, at least for us, of how long before this tactic is used to flat out target and take action against political opposition?

Due to the current situation, we encourage you to be smart and consider what your public digital footprint looks like, not just on social media but other internet sites as well.

We're still going to share information on our organization, training, and actions, and we hope it inspires you to participate. You'll still see videos and pictures from us to help you in your preparedness journey, but they'll be shared with additional risk mitigation measures implemented. This will help protect our personnel from being unfairly and erroneously targeted by those looking for conflict.

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