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Where's The Disinformation Police?

The Defend and Protect Idaho PAC continues a campaign of flagrant, easily refutable disinformation leading up to the 2022 Idaho Primary Election. The Real III%'ers Idaho is a non-violent, non-militia, non-partisan, not-for-profit volunteer organization of ordinary citizens who engage in Constitutional activism and advocacy, community service, and disaster preparedness/response. Since its founding, The Organization consistently and publicly denounces all forms of supremacy.

The Organization does not endorse political candidates; however, Organization members who elect to run for office may endorse whomever they wish. Members of the Organization are free to endorse, support, and campaign for the political candidate of their choice, but it is not reflective of any official position of the Organization itself.

Contrary to the assertion of The Defend and Protect Idaho PAC, The Real III%'ers Idaho is not affiliated with any other III% organization at the national, local, or municipal level. The Organization has never advocated or been known for "advocating armed resistance to the law". This is patently false narrative that cannot be substantively proven.

The photograph of Lt. Governor Janice McGeachin with two individuals in orange scrubs resembling prison uniforms was not a campaign event, not sanctioned or tied to The Real III%'ers Idaho, and there was certainly no element of white supremacy despite mainstream and social media claims to the contrary. The men in the photo were raising awareness for an Idahoan whose due process rights were clearly violated in Federal District Court. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed this by overturning that conviction, a fact seldom mentioned by those sensationalizing the occurrence as political fodder for their cannon of disinformation. Finally, one only needs to quickly search the internet to ratiocinate that the "white supremacy hand gesture" was a hoax started on the 4chan online discussion board. The Anti Defamation League affirms this conclusion. The gesture depicted in the referenced photo is simple to decipher: three fingers for III%. They considered their act of advocacy to align with III% principles of Constitutional activism.

The Real III%'ers Idaho encourages all interested parties to rigorously fact-check anything that levies negative connotation toward any organization or individual. As the election cycle draws near, defamatory comments encroach perilously close to the line between opinion and slanderous/libelous dissemination of disinformation. Whether these disseminations are executed with malicious intent or out of abject ignorance is presently unclear. Regardless, the outcome is the same; disinformation attached to The Real III%'ers Idaho is being used to manipulate voters... a peculiar strategy for a PAC that espouses palpable disdain for "extremists", often accused of the very same tactic. As the saying goes: you don't have to do it first, you just have to do it better. The Defend and Protect Idaho PAC seems to have mastered the art.

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